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makes me prouf

This video makes me proud of my girlfriend and myself that we quite smoking 2 years ago :-D I will take this video as our trophy and as our guideline to never start again!

vakavadesigns responds:

Congratulations :) I'm glad for both of you - keep up the good work and thanks for the review!

at least you tried

Well, I stopped watching somewhere in the middle (at least I hope it was already in the middle). It was just boring, the movie tries hard to be funny or there are scenes where you think this could be it, but the joke gets totally lost. It is to slow in everything and also the storyline is a bit, I don't know, you hop from one point to the other.

Well as you are a starter in Flash Cartoons, I am not to hard on you, in fact I am glad for you that you got frontpaged, but perhaps if you are not a born comedian, ask a funny friend to help you writing a funny story, and a story that makes sense ergo has a good storyline.

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This is awesome shit dude!
And all the influences you got into this... amazing!
From 4chan to Runescape, you are indeed a great internet-artist! I honor you!

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It's short never the less I liked it... but, not really negative, I'm just curious... Have you copied the idea of this head flying around in circles and throwing "damaging balls" onto you from a boss in the game Wario Land (Super Mario Land 3)?


You really did a good job creating this game, but SORRY it is borring as hell and not a real challenge even in Hardmode O_o


The only thing is,... you cannot really see the shots of the turrets on that background...

although it could be more... "leveling"? when you know what I mean

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I am sorry, but this kind of stuff you here from every second metalcore band out there.
Try bring in more old school stuff into your metalcore work like thrash or death metal riffs.
That is what effect good metalcore bands!

BuryYourFace responds:

man weve got plenty of songs that differ from every band out there and we DO incorporate a lot more death and a little thrash in our songs. BUT we only recorded 2 songs. we recorded this one because it was our only song with the EASIEST drums. our drummer had to program the drums and sequencing drums like these is a HUGE bitch to do. but if you'd like to know most of our songs are pretty mathcore/deathcore if you wanted me to go in depth. fuck your 5 dude, you wouldve given us way higher if you listened to us BEFORE the other shitty try to be the same second metalcore bands >:( you know its true!!!! but its understandable when we get time off of work we'll record some of our heavy shit, I guarantee you'll change your opinion about us ;) thnx for the review and the shitty score ;D


Sent me the raw song, I try to put the drums on it


Less bass, more trebble and it could be experimental black metal ^^

mr-vincent responds:


No risk, No fun!

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